HR Transformers: Avoiding The Age of Extinction

Nothing says “Saturday Morning” like a good cartoon. I’d wake up early on the weekends just to see what mom was cooking and to see what adventures my favorite animated characters were about to embark on.

Watching those same shows now I think, “I had no earthly idea at the time what they were really talking about!” I can take those very episodes now and see all kinds of life and business lessons and apply them to the stuff I see at work everyday.

Here’s a sample of my latest “Transformers inspired” post at Performance I Create:

transformers…while the concept of shape-shifting extraterrestrials may be a little far-fetched, they are really more like us than you might imagine…blending in with the rest of us as we go about our daily routines. It’s not until they morph or transform into something unique that we pay attention. It’s in this giant, unfamiliar mode that their actions become amplified, noticed and establishment altering.

Am I transactional (maintaining status quo) or transformational (trying to move beyond the status quo)?

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Line Dancing To Success

I’m posting over at Performance I Create today about a correlation I found between business and a crowd favorite at parties and gatherings, The Wobble. It began when my colleagues and I were discussing how excited we are about the upcoming TN SHRM Conference (Nashville, TN, September 15th – 18th) and it gave me a different perspective on organizational roles.

Here’s a sample!

WobbleI’ve been in many a Wobble. And a successful Wobble can decide the fate of the party. It attracts and retains. It motivates and it teaches. It gets everyone to the otherwise empty dance floor and keeps them there when done right. It encourages those that have no idea what they’re doing to stay the course, resulting in mastery and fun.

Isn’t that what we want in our workplaces?

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Check out my post and those of my fellow contributors for relevant, in-your-face, performance altering insight!