Delegating EmPowers EmPloyees

Today I’m posting at Performance I Create, focusing on using delegation as a tool of empowerment.

EmpowerIt’s been said that the ability to delegate determines one’s success. Equally as important to the overall and long-term success of a company are employees that are being delegated to. While this sounds like a simple concept, if we took the time to delve into what most consider delegation, we would find that….

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I Don’t Lose

More downs than ups…setbacks…obstacles…hurdles…whatever you want to call them. We’ve all had them. We’re still having them. There are some on the way. The true measure of a person is how the setback is dealt with. I believe that to achieve success after tough times, we have to have the right attitude going in to the circumstances and a certain mindset while in the midst. I don’t have rose colored tint on my glasses and I don’t like dealing with crap, but I’m from the thought that hard times should make us better, not worse. I believe that there’s something good that can come from every negative.

  • Bad relationship? We didn’t lose. We learn (or should) who not to fool with in the future.
  • Presentation was a flop? We didn’t lose. We learn not only that we should have researched the material better but we should have paid more attention to the crowd that we were delivering to.
  • Didn’t get the position we wanted? We didn’t lose. We learn that we need to get assistance on our resume and/or have someone role-play an interview with us.
  • Not chosen for a team or group? We didn’t lose. We learn that it’s probably best that we weren’t chosen or we learn how we need to position ourselves for a better one.

When we win or when life is always peachy, it’s easy to take that ease or that victory for granted. We get complacent, comfortable and lazy in our peace. But not winning forces us to regroup, recalculate and refocus. The “Re” in front of those three words implies that we have to do it again…and in these cases, better than we did the first time. When we have a losing mindset, we don’t “Re” anything; we just wallow in defeat and become pathetic.

It’s all in the attitude. If we have a funky and negative one, funky and negative stuff will come. Keep that stuff to yourself and let us Winners & Learners prosper in our positive thinking.

i-never-lose-i-either-win-or-learn-2So I encourage you to replace the “Lose” option of Win or Lose with “Learn”.  Personally, I’m taking it one step further. My only option will be “Learn”, because even in winning there’s a lesson. How can I do it even better next time? How can I make it bigger and more relevant? How can I reach even more people that need assistance and make a larger impact?

Lastly and just as important, when we see others not winning, we that have already learned from similar experiences must reach out and help those who have yet to be enlightened and help them to find the lesson in their trials.

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” ~ Winston Churchill, Politician